Russian Gulch

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    18794 Shoreline Hwy


    Russian Gulch is located at latitude 38.469° and longitude -123.154° with a parking lot elevation of 20 feet. A restroom, garbage bin, and a recycling bin are located at the south west end of the parking lot. A trail at the west end of the parking lot leads through a wooded area towards beach. No dogs are allowed on the beach. The parking lot is located just north of the highway 1 crossing of the Russian Gulch on the west side of the highway.

    Trash tends to accumulate on the north east to east side of the beach, where high tide washes debris inland.

    Emergency Services

    The closest emergency service is Palm Drive Emergency Hospital located at 501 Petaluma Ave, Sebastopol CA 95472. Head south on highway 1. Turn left onto Bodega Hwy. Continue for 10.4 miles before turning right onto Jewell Ave. In 400 feet, turn left onto Willow St, after which you will turn right onto Gravenstein Hwy S. In 0.4 miles you will take a sharp left onto Petaluma Ave, Palm Drive Emergency Hospital will be on your right.


    The closest ranger station is the Salmon Creek Ranger Station located on highway 1 between South Salmon Beach and North Salmon Beach.